Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Basic Cruise Packing List

Probably the number one question that comes up in my conversations with clients, expecially first-time cruisers is, "What should I pack for a cruise?" This is by no means a complete list for every cruise line and every passenger but it will serve a a good starting point. This is a basic list for a typical 7 day cruise. You will need to adjust accordingly.


A Shirt for Every Day of the Vacation
2 to 3 Pairs of Pants/Skirts
Your Formal Night Outfit times 2 for a 7 day Cruise
Your Swimsuit
T-Shirts or Polo Shirts for Day Wear-For the Men
Comfortable Blouses for Day Wear-For the Women
Shorts for Day Wear
Cover-up for Swimsuit if Needed
Comfortable Shoes or Sneakers-Suitable for Walking
Flip-Flops or Sandals for the Pool or on Deck
Water Shoes-For Excursions if Needed
Dress Shoes for Formal Night
Underwear-1 per Day plus One Extra
Bras-1 per Day plus One Extra-For Women
Socks-1 per Day plus One Extra
Hose as needed for Women
Comfortable Hat or Visor
Lightweight Waterproof Jaket with Hood


Shampoo & Conditioner-As Desired, Most Cruise Lines Provide in Shower on Board
Soap-As Desired-again Most Cruise Lines provide
Makeup Essentials for the Women
Feminine Hygiene Products
Razor or Electric Shaver
Shaving Cream-if Needed
Brush / Comb
Hair Care Products and Accessories
Nail File--Clippers
Germicidal Hand Cleaner
Dramamine of Other Sea Sickness Cure if Desired
Ear Plugs-if Needed
Prescription Drugs as Needed
Small First Aid Kit (pain reliever, band aids, histamine blocker)


Suntan Lotion
Aloe Vera Gel-For When you Forget the Sunscreed
Eyeglasses / Contacts-Consider an Extra Pair if Essential
Collapsible Tote Bag or Fanny Pack
Insulated Mugs-Hot Drinks Hot and Cold Drinks Cold to take Back to Room or to the Pool
Camera / Film / Memory sticks
Snorkel and Mask-if Snorkeling
Underwater Camera
Games / MP3 Players
Playing Cards
Post-It Note Pad-To Leave Notes for your Cabin Steward
Small Flashlight-Just in Case
2 Watches (just in case one stops)
Alarm Clock / Batteries
Small Amount of Duct Tape-Roll some off the Big Roll onto itself-You will thank me when you need it for a minor repair to torn luggage, etc.
Power Strip-Most Cabins only have a Couple of Outlets
Bungee Cord-if you are in a Balcony Cabin-To Hold Door Open for the Wonderful Sea Air
Cruise Documents
Wallet with Credit Cards and a Little Cash for Tipping

Remember on most ships there are coin operated laundries available so if you need to you can do a load of clothes. Plus, most cruise lines have a laundry special on the second to last day of the cruise. You will not need to pack beach towels-the cruise ship will provide for you daily in your cabin. Above all, don't stress---Your on Vacation!! There is always the souvenier shop if you run out of clothes, I am sure they will sell you something to wear.


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